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Jakarta – “I on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and all Indonesian people express my deep condolences for this disaster,” said President Jokowi on Sunday (10/1/21) a day after hearing the news of the Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 plane crash.

The news of the Sriwijaya Air SJ – 182 plane crash on January 9, 2021 has added to the long list of aircraft accidents in Indonesia. This is the second time this Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashed, after the same type of plane belonging to Lion Air crashed in Karawang waters, October 29, 2018.

Let’s look again at the series of airplane accidents that have occurred in Indonesia over the past 10 years. In addition, we see the record of countries that have blocked Indonesian airlines in the past.

Report / Record of Aircraft Accidents in the Last 10 Years

The 13 reports / records of aircraft accidents in the last 10 years are as follows:

7 May 2011

  • Airline: Merpati Nusantara Airlines Flight Code 8968
  • Type of aircraft: Xian MA60 
  • Route: Sorong – Kaimana – Biak
  • Fall Location: Waters near Utarom Airport, Kaimana, West Papua
  • Number of Victims: All passengers and crew as many as 25 people died
  • Cause: The plane is suspected of having an engine failure

29 September 2011

  • Airline: Nusantara Buana Air Flight Code 823
  • Type of aircraft: CASA C 212 
  • Route: Medan – Kutacane
  • Fall Location: The slopes of the Bukit Barisan Mountains, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra
  • Number of Victims: All 18 passengers and crew members were declared dead
  • Cause: The plane crashed at 07.41 WIB allegedly lost its balance and then fell into the mountain due to bad weather

9 May 2012

  • Airline : –
  • Type of aircraft: Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft
  • Route: Demonstration flight from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Jakarta
  • Fall Location: Cliff at Mount Salak, Bogor
  • Number of Victims: A total of 45 passengers including crew died.
  • Cause: The plane was declared missing during the demonstration flight, later it was discovered that Pilot Alexander Yablonstev was flying a plane for the first time in Indonesia

21 June 2012

  • Airline: Aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force
  • Aircraft Type: Fokker F – 27 Transport Aircraft
  • Route: Training flight from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Jakarta
  • Fall Location: Rajawali housing complex, Indonesian Air Force housing area
  • Number of Victims: 7 crew members were killed, 4 people on the ground, and 9 houses were destroyed by the fire
  • Cause: The plane operated by the Indonesian Air Force crashed while preparing to land on runway 18 at around 14.50 WIB

13 April 2013

  • Airline: Lion Air
  • Type of aircraft: Boeing 737-800 NG
  • Route: Husein Sastranegra Airport, Bandung – Bali
  • Fall Location: waters near Ngurah Rai airport, Denpasar, Bali.
  • Number of Victims: There were no fatalities
  • Cause: The two rear sides near the tail of the Lion Airplane were broken.

 10 June 2013

  • Airline: Merpati Nusantara Airlines Flight 6517
  • Type of aircraft: MA 60 aircraft with registration number PK – MZO
  • Route: Soa Airport in Bajawa to El Tari Airport in Kupang
  • Drop Location: El Tari Kupang Airport Runway
  • Number of Victims: No casualties, only 20 people suffered minor injuries
  • Cause: The plane had a hard landing when it landed in Kupang

28 December 2014

  • Airline: AirAsia Flight Code 8501
  • Type of aircraft: Airbus A320 aircraft
  • Routes: Surabaya, Indonesia – Singapore
  • Fall Location: Waters near Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, Java Sea
  • Number of Casualties: All crew members as many as 162 people died (144 adults, 17 children and one toddler)
  • Cause: It is suspected that there is interference with the Rudder Travel Limiter (RTL) system located at the tail of the aircraft.

30 June 2015

  • Airline: Aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force
  • Type of aircraft: Hercules type C-130
  • Route: Indonesian Air Force Base Medan – Soewondo
  • Fall Location: Waters near Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, Java Sea.
  • Number of Victims: The entire crew of 121 passengers and 22 people on the ground died
  • Cause: The plane crashed immediately after taking off at Soewondo airport, Medan, and hit a building on Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan.

3 December 2016

  • Airline: Aircraft belonging to POLRI
  • Type of aircraft: The aircraft type M-28 Skytruk with registration number P – 4201
  • Route: Pangkal Pinang – Batam
  • Fall Location: Lingga Waters, Riau Islands
  • Number of Victims: 13 people died
  • Cause: The aircraft lost contact, the last known radar position was about 40 nautical miles southeast of Tanjung Pinang above the South China Sea

18 December 2016

  • Airline: Aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force, Flight code A – 1334
  • Aircraft type: Hercules C-130HS aircraft
  • Route: Timika-Wamena training flight mission
  • Fall Location: Wamena, Papua
  • Number of Victims: 12 people died
  • Cause: Bad weather

12 August 2018

  • Airline: PT. Martha Buana Abadi
  • Type of aircraft: Pilatus Porter aircraft
  • Route: Timika – Wamena training flight mission
  • Fall Location: Mount Menuk, Bintang Mountains District, Papua
  • Number of Victims: 8 people died and 1 person survived
  • Causes: –

29 October 2018

  • Airline: Lion Air Flight JT – 610
  • Type of aircraft: Boeing737 Max
  • Route: Jakarta – Pangkal Pinang
  • Fall Location: Waters of Tanjung Karawang
  • Number of Victims: The entire crew of 189 passengers died
  • Cause: The plane is suspected of having an engine failure

9 January 2021

  • Airline: Sriwijaya Air SJ182
  • Type of aircraft: Boeing 737 aircraft
  • Route: Jakarta – Pontianak
  • Fall Location: Thousand Islands Waters
  • Number of Victims: 50 passengers and 12 crew members (6 crew active crew & 6 crew crew as passengers)
  • Cause: Not yet known

Disclaimer: This information is a compilation of several news platforms in Indonesia. If there is other information that is not recorded / detected, it will not be included in this list.

Countries Blocking Indonesian Airline

Every year, the European Union countries issue an Air Safety List. Where in the list there is a list of prohibited flights for certain airlines to European Union countries because of safety concerns, of course. Reporting from the official website of the European Union:

  1. In the last November 2017 update, 178 airlines from various countries were included in this list. Indonesia leads with the largest number of 55 airlines.
  2. However, from the latest information on December 2, 2020, Indonesia does not have airlines that are prohibited from entering the European Union.

In addition to security issues, the spread of the corona virus which is increasingly out of control in Indonesia is also the reason why these 59 countries prohibit Indonesian citizens who want to visit their country.

The following is the latest list of countries that prohibit Indonesian citizens from visiting based on information from The Indonesia National Air Carriers Association (INACA):

Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Papua New Guinea, North Korea, New Zealand, Mongolia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bhutan, India, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Palestine, Russia, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia , Georgia, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, Bahamas, Norway, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Malaysia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Djibouti, Iran , Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Suriname, Jordan and Qatar.

This information was obtained from the INACA Secretary General on September 9, 2020, which at this point the information may change.


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